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THE WHY? In Ireland, we have on of the highest suicide rates in Europe among 15-24 year olds, with over 400 people ending their lives by suicide each year. How many of us suffer in silence? It's up to us as a community to create a more open and accepting society in which we don't feel ashamed to talk about our mental & emotional difficulties.

THE GOAL? We want to help society acknowledge that mental health difficulties are a part of the normal human experience

THE METHOD? By creating alternative ways of socializing that rely less on alcohol and more on community, creativity and honest conversation, we hope to change attitudes towards mental health difficulty and socializing in general. In this way, we hope to raise money for local mental health support services and have a bit of craic in the process. Paisiún - A community approach to tackling our mental health problem


Please don't hesitate contact us for info on what Paisiún or Cosáin do, or if you have any thoughts or suggestions at all.
Paisiún is a community led effort, so please have your say!